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              [1]王 歡,項 瓊,馮 宇,等.一種特高壓用具有自校准功能的電流互感器[J].高壓電器,2019,55(08):230-236.[doi:10.13296/j.1001-1609.hva.2019.08.033]
               WANG Huan,XIANG Qiong,FENG Yu,et al.UHV Current Transformer with Self-calibration Function[J].High Voltage Apparatus,2019,55(08):230-236.[doi:10.13296/j.1001-1609.hva.2019.08.033]





              UHV Current Transformer with Self-calibration Function
              王 歡12 項 瓊1 馮 宇1 尹志榮1 朱 凱1
              (1. 中國電力科學研究院, 武漢 430074; 2. 華中科技大學, 武漢 430074)
              WANG Huan12 XIANG Qiong1 FENG Yu1 YIN Zhirong1 ZHU Kai1
              (1. China Electric Power Research Institute, Wuhan 430074, China; 2. Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074, China)
              特高壓 雙二次繞組 並聯運行 誤差自校准 有 限元分析
              UHV double-secondary winding parallel operation error self-calibration finite element analysis
              特高壓用電流互感器(current transformer,CT)在安裝之後開展誤差交接試驗時需要通過GIS兩個出線套管,在外側接入標准CT和大功率升流器等設備,形成閉合大電流試驗回路,該方法不僅實施困難,且由于借助于接地開關因此對斷路器、隔離開關等設備要求按照大電流回路構成進行設計,對設備制造提出更高要求。爲解決這一問題,基于安培環路定理提出CT二次采用雙繞組設計,使得線圈電流形成1:1自校准方式,試驗時僅需在該CT其中一個二次繞組通入額定二次電流即可。爲驗證這一技術的可行性,首先,介紹該CT的設計原理及運行方式;然後,建立該CT的數學模型和仿真模型對自校准CT誤差開展矢量分析,通過對自校准CT與運行狀態時原理電路的區別的比對,分析兩種運行狀態下同一CT所呈現的誤差特性偏差來源;最後結合皖電東送工程用CT典型參數研制樣機一台,對樣機開展絕緣試驗和誤差試驗,數據顯示所研制的CT絕緣滿足特高壓工程要求,在運與自校准誤差均在0.2S級誤差限值以內,且兩種狀態下誤差隨額定電流變化趨勢一致,偏差在0.1級誤差限值以內。理論分析及實測值均證明自校准數據可以反映在運時誤差情況,該設計方法爲簡化特高壓用CT現場誤差交接試驗提供技術支撐。
              To carry out the error commissioning test after installation of a UHV current transformer (CT), standard CT,high-current generator and other equipment are required to connect from the outside through two outlet-bushings of the GIS to form a closed high capacity current test circuit. However, this method is difficult to be implemented,and needs to design the circuit breaker,disconnecting switch and other equipment in accordance with the composition of high capacity current circuit because of the adoption of the grounding switch,which means higher requirements for equipment manufacturing. To solve this problem,a double-winding design of CT secondary side is proposed based on the Ampere circuital theorem to form 1∶1 self-calibration mode of the coil current, then in test only one of the CT secondary windings is applied with the rated secondary current. To verify the feasibility of this technology,the design principle and operation mode of the CT are introduced,a mathematical model and a simulation model of the CT are established to carry out vector analysis of the self-calibration CT error,and the error characteristics of the same CT in two operation states are analyzed through comparison between the differences of the self-calibration CT and the schematic circuit. Moreover,based on the typical parameters of the CT in the Anhui-to-East UHV Transmission Line Project,a CT prototype is developed to carried out insulation test and error test. Test data show that the insulation of the developed CT meets the requirement of the UHV project,both operation error and self-calibration error are within the limit of 0.2S level,and the variation of the errors with the rated current is consistent,the deviation is within the error limit of 0.1 level. Theoretical analysis and measurement show that the self-calibration data can reflect the error situation in the case of operation. This design method may provide a technical support for simplifying the on-site error commissioning test for UHV CT.


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              王 歡(1984—),女,博士研究生,高級工程師,主要從事互感器運維及測量技術研究。 項 瓊(1974—),女,碩士,教授級高級工程師,主要從事一次設備運維方面的技術研究。 馮 宇(1978—),男,博士,高級工程師,主要從事電能質量分析與控制、互感器技術方面的研究工作。 尹志榮(1993—),男,碩士研究生,研究方向爲互感器技術、電氣設備狀態監測與故障診斷。 朱 凱(1983—),男,碩士,工程師,主要從事互感器檢測技術研究。收稿日期:2019-01-27; 修回日期:2019-03-09 基金項目:國網公司項目(SGSXDKY-PJKJ2015-003)。 Project Supported by Project of State Grid of China(SGSXDKY-PJKJ2015-003).
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